10 Reasons to be Thankful for Pistachios

10 Reasons We Should Be Thankful for Pistachios

There’s more to Thanksgiving than turkey and grandma’s stuffing. It’s a time to reflect and recognize all of the wonderful things that brighten up our lives every day. In the spirit of the holiday, here are 10 reasons we should all be thankful for the humble pistachio.
3 Snack Hacks Every Health Nut Should Know

3 Snack Hacks Every Health Nut Should Know

1. Tough nut to crack? Use a pistachio shell! Next time you encounter a pistachio that's not fully cracked open, don’t give up! Instead of using your finger nails to try to crack the shell open, use half of an empty pistachio shell to leverage your way in. Stick the half pistachio shell into the tiny opening on the shut pistachio. With a firm grip, twist the shell either to the right or left. After a little elbow grease the little green nut will fall right out!