Nutritious Snack Swaps for Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month and it’s important to raise awareness about sensitivity to gluten and ways to modify your diet without sacrificing taste and nutrition. Gluten is present in many common foods such as bread, pasta and cereal as well as popular snack foods including cookies and crackers. The good news is that there are plenty of great-tasting naturally gluten-free foods.
inshell pistachio pairing and veggies

May is Mediterranean Diet Month

The Mediterranean diet is recognized as one of the healthiest eating patterns. In contrast to a typical American diet, which tends to be higher in meat, fast food, sugary desserts and soda, a Mediterranean way of eating is plant-based, including fruits, vegetables, nuts such as pistachios, seeds, beans, and grains, with smaller amounts of fish, poultry, eggs, yogurt and cheese. There is an emphasis on seasonal, fresh, and locally grown foods, olive oil is the preferred main dietary fat over butter and margarine, fresh fruit is the recommended dessert, and wine in enjoyed in moderation, usually with meals.