World Pistachio Day

10 Reasons to Celebrate World Pistachio Day

Happy World Pistachio Day! From their rich history, uniquely delicious flavor and remarkable health benefits, there are countless reasons to love pistachios. Today we recognize these reasons and show you 10 more to celebrate the glorious, yet humble pistachio. If you’re already a pistachio nut (pun intended?), prepare to love them even more than you already did. If not, get ready to jump on the pistachio wagon.
Valentine's Day Pistachio Pairings

The Snack That Loves You Back This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day pistachio lovers! Whether you’re planning an elaborate dinner with your other half or a fun night in with friends this Valentine’s Day, the rich creamy flavors of our favorite green nut will delight the palate and waistline.