Weight Wise


Calorie Reduction - Without Restriction

The Pistachio Principle is a successful concept that works on the idea that you can reduce the number of calories you consume without restricting yourself from eating the foods you love.

We’ve conducted a couple of studies with pistachios. In the first study we had students coming into the room and one day they had pistachios in the shell, the next day they had shelled pistachios. When they chose how much to eat, they chose about an equal volume, but because you don’t eat the shells when they finished eating, they had consumed about half the number of calories. “The Pistachio Principle” works because it allows us to reduce calories without restricting. Now normally we’re restricting the foods that we eat. We don’t eat doughnuts, we don’t eat fried food, we don’t eat hamburgers, we eat don’t fat, we don’t eat carbohydrates, and when we don’t eat those foods, we end up craving those foods that we’ve restricted. “The Pistachio Principle” works because there is no restriction and we receive a calorie reduction without restriction.