10 Reasons to Celebrate World Pistachio Day



World Pistachio Day

Happy World Pistachio Day!

From their rich history, uniquely delicious flavor and remarkable health benefits, there are countless reasons to love pistachios. Today we recognize these reasons and show you 10 more to celebrate the glorious, yet humble pistachio. If you’re already a pistachio nut (pun intended?), prepare to love them even more than you already did. If not, get ready to jump on the pistachio wagon.

Pistachios 2015 Nut of the Year

1.       Pistachio is the New Black. Pistachios, named a top food trend for 2015 by Baum + Whiteman, are considered to be the “Nut of the Year,” and for good reason. If you want to snack in style–pistachios are it.

Pistachio Tree

2.       Historic Nut. There’s a reason pistachios have been loved around the world since as early as 7,000 B.C. Originating in western Asia, pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees. The first California pistachio tree was planted in the 1930s and it took 10 years of careful research and breeding to perfect. And perfect they are!

In-shell pistachio nuts

3.       The Most Beautiful Nut of Them All. They say in-shell pistachios are one of the prettiest nuts of all. With its vibrant green kernel, shaded with soft hues of purple, perfected with its smoothly rounded outer shell–how could they not be considered beautiful?

Pistachio Weight Management

4.       The Pistachio is NUTritous. These photogenic nuts are not only pretty on the outside but bursting with nutrition on the inside as well. We’ll let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Enjoy 30 pistachios for about 100 calories, making them a satisfying snack choice.2
  • For every one-ounce serving, pistachios offer about 49 nuts per serving; peanuts offer just 28, cashews offer just 18, and walnuts, 14 halves and 23 almonds in the same 30g serving.2
  • A 30g (about 1 ounce) serving of pistachios has 3 grams of fiber, more than some other nuts and many pieces of whole fruit. For example, a 30g serving of cashews has one gram of fiber and walnuts, two grams; one peach has two grams of fiber.2

Pistachios for World Pistachio Day

5.       Nuts Across the Globe. Pistachios are loved across the world:

  • China: In China, the pistachio is known as the “happy nut” because it looks like it’s smiling.
  • Israel: Israel has the world’s highest per capita consumption of pistachios
  • India: In India, pistachios are a major part of the population’s diet and are used in a popular saffron pistachio drink.

Pistachio Ice Cream

(Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)

6.       Dessert. Need we say more? You know when you look at the dessert menu or walk down the dessert aisle and something is listed with pistachio on the label, even if it’s just pistachio ice cream, and you think “I can’t leave until I eat this.” That’s what pistachios do.

In-shell pistachio pairings

7.       They Make Anything Taste Better. Two words: pistachio pairings. While many eat pistachios purely for their delicious taste and satisfying crunch, the pistachio makes an excellent pairing to many of your favorite foods. Sweet, salty or savory snacks just taste better when pistachios are involved.

Pistachio Clock

8.       There’s Always Time for Pistachios. Whether you want pistachios at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. or 2 a.m., they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. In the car. Watching Sunday night football. In bed. At work. The list goes on…and on…and on.

In-shell pistachios visual cues

9.       The Pistachio Principle is Just Cool. Developed by behavioral eating expert, Dr. James Painter, the “Pistachio Principle” is a simple mindful eating concept that may help you fool yourself full – without feelings of deprivation. Dr. Painter found that the empty pistachio shells may serve as a “visual cue” of how many pistachios you’ve consumed. In-shell snacks may also slow consumption – the premise is that consumption of in-shell pistachios may help to slow eating when compared to shelled pistachios because the leftover shells may offer an important visual cue about the amount consumed; thereby potentially reducing calorie intake. 3,4  Is that mind blowing or what?

Friends snacking on pistachios

10.       Pistachios Bring People Together: Pistachios are enjoyed around the world and in many different languages: die Pistazie in German, pistaches in French, 开心果in Mandarin Chinese, pista in Hindi, pistache in Spanish, 피스타치오 in Korean, םיקוטסיפם in Hebrew, and pistache in Portuguese.

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