5 Reasons Why We Are Thankful for Pistachios



5 Reasons Why We're Thankful

It’s that wonderful time of the year when we sit down and account for all the things we are thankful for. Now, to help you jumpstart that list—we have 5 reasons why we all should be thankful for pistachios!

1. Pistachios look out for us:
Being one of the lowest fat and calorie nuts, 30 pistachios make a satisfying, delicious healthy snack for about 100 calories. It makes a great healthy alternative to snacks high in sodium and added sugars[1].
Pistachio Weight Management
2. They’re never boring:
Pistachios are serious fun, especially for children. Pistachios are not only tasty, but they’re fun to crack while you snack!

3. They always give you more:
Pistachios offer the most nuts per serving when compared to other popular snack nuts—comparatively, walnuts have 14 halves per serving, cashews have 18 per serving, and almonds have 23 in a serving.   Pistachios, however, give you 49 per serving [1]—that’s sure to make you satisfied!

4. They keep you mindful: 
Research suggests that pistachios may help slow consumption since the empty shells offer a visual cue about how much has been eaten, potentially reducing calorie intake. Because they’re a mindful snack, pistachios are a great snack choice when life gets stressful from mindlessly eating! [1]
5. Good things come in small packages: 
Pistachios are little nuts, but mighty in nutrition! You never have to compromise your healthy eating goals when a 49-nut serving offers 3 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein.

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