Pistachios in the News!



With the New Year upon us, millions of Americans are resolving to better manage their weight and maintain healthier habits in 2014. That’s why the Pistachio Health Institute has partnered with leading celebrity fitness trainer, Valerie Waters, the secret behind such A-list bodies as Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Berkeley and Sasha Alexander to share her snacking tips to help anyone get red-carpet ready in 2014.  Below are Valerie’s snacking secrets that keep her stars shining.

  1. Baby got Snack – Choose a healthy snack that tastes good and makes you feel good. I love pistachios because they’re delicious, nutritious and completely satisfying. In fact, with pistachios you get more nuts per serving – 49 kernels per ounce, compared to 23 almonds, 14 walnut halves and 18 cashews. Plus, a reduced serving of 30 pistachios makes a satisfying, deliciously healthy snack for only about 100 calories!1
  2. Fuel up with Fiber – Besides the health benefits, fiber may help you feel full longer, and makes it easier to follow a healthy eating plan. Pistachios are good source of fiber, providing 12 percent of the daily value per 30 gram serving. 1
  3. Know the “The Pistachio Principle” – A mindful snack is a smart snack and when I heard about the Pistachio Principle I really connected with the concept of calorie reduction without restriction.2  You see, when you snack on in-shell pistachios, just seeing the empty shells may provide the visual cue necessary to help curb consumption. Plus, the act of cracking open each pistachio (versus snacking on shelled nuts) may slow you down making it more difficult for overconsumption in one sitting.3 
  4. Eat Right and have a Smart Snacking Strategy – When you eat good, you feel good.  Learn to manage your weight by eating right – not only at meals, but while snacking, too. In between meals, I love to have a delicious and filling snack like pistachios to help fight unhealthy cravings. Pistachios help bridge the hunger with a good amount of protein, fat and dietary fiber, all of which make for a balanced snack. 1

Need another reason to go nuts snacking on pistachios? In a new, large observational study, researchers at Harvard University identified that the regular consumption of nuts, such as pistachios, is associated with the reduced risk of mortality, finding that those who ate nuts daily had impressive benefits.  Those who ate nuts seven times a week had nearly twice the benefit compared to those who ate nuts once a week; once a week eaters had a small, but still significant benefit.

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