Dare to Pair these Pistachio Pairings?


Being one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat snack nuts, you can enjoy a generous handful of 30 nuts for about 100 calories.1 Preliminary behavioral eating studies suggest that eating in‐shell pistachios may help slow down your snacking rate, and the empty shells are a visual cue for how much you have eaten, potentially reducing calorie intake.2,3 This mindful munching effect is known as the “Pistachio Principle.”

Choosing whole foods, such as pistachios, may help satisfy cravings (and a growling tummy) between meals without ruining your diet. Plus, pistachios are a healthier alternative to overly processed snacks like chips or cookies. These little green nuts are a good way to fit in extra nutrition when you’re on‐the‐ go. Portable and nonperishable, they make a great snack to stash in your purse or gym bag. Answer your next hunger call the smart way with pistachios.

Tasty on their own, pistachios also make a dynamic duo when paired with other healthy foods. Their rich flavor and creamy texture is versatile, making them perfect for both sweet and savory pairings. With the winning combination of six grams of plant‐based protein and three grams of fiber per one‐ounce   serving, they add an extra boost of nutrition which may help keep you full longer.1 Offering a satisfying savory crunch, they provide delightful texture to heighten your snacking experience. Delicious and nutritious, pistachios are a crave‐able healthy habit.

Ready for an elevated snack experience? Try some of our favorite pistachio pairings below:

In-shell pistachio pairings

1.        Sin‐less Indulgence: in‐shell pistachios + Greek yogurt + honey + cacao nibs

2.        Protein Power: in‐shell pistachios + hard‐boiled egg + Kalamata olives

3.        Sweet & Savory: in‐shell pistachios + cheddar cheese + dried apricots


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