Five Healthy Halloween Tips


Looking to maintain healthy eating habits during the sugar-laden Halloween season? Scare away the candy craze with these five tips so that you and your family can enjoy the haunted season in good health.

1. Avoid the discount candy aisle. Carve the jack-o-lantern and hang the cotton ball spider webs, but wait to buy the candy until the night before. Storing a stash of candy in the house is an ominous temptation for late-night nibbling.

2. Greet kids with a healthy treat! Surprise the neighborhood ghosts and goblins with popcorn balls, trail mix or even a mini bag of pistachios. This year “fun size” 0.25 ounce packs of pistachios (about a dozen kernels) debut at Wal-Mart and select grocery stores, offering a fun, alternative with protein, fiber and healthy fats.

3. Fuel up before the trick-or-treat outing. To prevent the kids from filling up on candy, ensure that kids eat a healthy dinner before donning their costumes and heading out.

4. Portion out the treats. After the excitement of sorting, counting and trading, help the kids portion out their candy. Use re-sealable bags, small containers and labels and let the kids allot their sweets for the upcoming weeks. Store in a cupboard, out of sight.

5. Refocus on Halloween fun—without the candy. Enjoy the haunted season sans candy with these silly, spooky craft activities for the kids—think sock skeletons and clothespin bats—and make these hauntingly healthy Halloween dishes.