Pistachios in the News!


Whether you’re attending a tree-trimming potluck or hosting a holiday gala, dazzle friends and family this season with these easy-to-assemble pistachio pairings. Plus, with leftover shells serving as a potential visual portion cue, in-shell pistachios star as a weight sensible option amidst the higher-calorie holiday fare.

1. For the Formal Dinner

Looking to dress up the standard cheese board? Try the simple additions of in-shell pistachios and a small bowl of apple wedges drizzled with honey. The creamy flavor of the cheese blends well with the crisp juiciness of the apple, punctuated by the salty crunch of in-shell pistachios. What a start!

2. For the Holiday Cocktail

Impress coworkers and friends with this sophisticated snack trio of in-shell pistachios, cured olive and salami skewers and rosemary popcorn. If tight on time, prep the skewers the day before. Then elevate the experience by toasting with a glass of Chianti or other medium-bodied red wine.

3. For the Family Gift Exchange

As the evening draws on and the mound of discarded wrapping paper grows larger, keep bowls of pistachios, sesame noodle sticks and wasabi peas on hand for easy nibbling.

4. For the Gingerbread House Party

This one’s for the kids! When they take a break from the rooftop icing and candy cane windows, offer kids fun-to-crack pistachios with big, juicy strawberries, an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie and a glass of calcium-rich milk. They can use the leftover pistachio shells as shingles on the roof!