Pistachios in the News!


To keep National Nutrition Month going strong, we thought we’d share some secrets to healthy snacking. As snacks have become a part of our daily routine, it is important to fill up on snacks packed with important vitamins and minerals versus empty calories

Combine healthy foods This snacking secret will help you power through the afternoon slump and keep you feeling full until dinnertime! Instead of snacking on fruits or veggies alone, enjoy a combined snack and add a protein to your plate. For example, try a piece of fresh fruit and a handful of pistachios. A serving of 49 in-shell pistachios provides 6 grams of protein for 160 calories.1

Portion control – Portion control is essential. Peek at the label of your favorite snack and check the serving size, and aim to only munch on that amount. One way to control how much you eat is to put your snack in a separate bowl instead of eating directly out of the bag or container, as this often leads to overeating.

Get more pieces per serving – Snackers will appreciate a snack that offers more pieces per serving. In the world of savory snacks, consider that pistachios offer 49 nuts per serving, while a snack such as potato chips offers just 15 chips per serving. When it comes to nuts, look no further than pistachios for the most nuts per serving. Pistachios offer 49 nuts per serving. Comparatively, cashews offer just 18, and walnuts, 14 halves.

Avoid mindless eating with The Pistachio Principle – The “Pistachio Principle” is a simple, mindful eating concept that may help you fool yourself full – without feelings of deprivation. Pistachios are unique in that they are a commonly consumed in‐shell snack nut. In‐shell pistachios take longer to eat, so the consumption time may be slowed. Two preliminary behavioral-nutritional studies suggest that empty pistachio shells may serve as an important visual cue about the amount consumed, potentially encouraging “mindfulness” as one eats and reduced calorie intake.2-3

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