Gear Up For Game Day with Pistachios


Football season is “kicking off” and the upcoming weekends are bound to be busy with armchair quarterbacks and all-day tailgates.

Skip the chips, pretzels, and cookies and score a touchdown with pistachios instead. One of the lowest calorie, lowest fat snack nuts, pistachios offer more nuts per serving than most– about 49 pistachios, compared to 23 almonds, 18 cashews or 14 walnut halves[1]. That’s right, pistachios give you more than twice as many nuts per serving as almonds and cashews, and more than three times as many pieces as walnuts.

Pistachios come in craveable flavors to satisfy any taste and pair well with your favorite football finger foods for a crowd-pleasing snack! Here are three of our favorite game day picks:


Fon-Do the Touchdown Dance: In-Shell Pistachios + Orange Slices + Cheese Fondue + Sourdough Pretzels

You know the feeling when a perfect pass sails into the end zone and you get to do your victory celebration? That’s how you’ll feel when you dive into this indulgent pairing. The creamy cheese will add a salty savory note that complements the nuttiness of the pistachios perfectly.Pretzel


Bleu Cheese Blitz: In-Shell Pistachios + Bleu Cheese + Dried Apricots + Dates

Like a well-executed zone blitz, these dates add a touch of sweetness to your game day spread. Balanced by the salty and savory flavors of pistachios and bleu cheese, this pairing is sure to be a hit with your teammates.



Pumpkin Pick Six: In-Shell Pistachios + Gingered Pumpkin Wedges + Honey Drizzled Pear

Ginger adds a surprising, spicy flair in this earthy, sweet pairing. Choose roasted salted pistachios for a truly touchdown-worthy nosh.Pumpkin



[1] U.S. Department of Agriculture. National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27.