Healthy Snack Tips for American Diabetes Month


Bowl of in-shell pistachios

November is American Diabetes Month and it’s an important time of year to raise awareness about this ever-growing disease and prevention. A balanced diet is important whether you are living with diabetes or notand small changes with healthier food choices can add up.

In honor of American Diabetes Month, try adding pistachios to your daily snack routine. They’re a fun, delicious and wholesome snack that offers a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, plus a bundle of beneficial nutrients. Better yet, you get a whopping 49 kernels per serving, and the shells may curb overconsumption by slowing you down.

Want to elevate your snack experience? Take your snacking to another level with these pistachio-pairings:

In-shell Pistachios + Roasted Edamame + Mandarin Oranges + Iced Green Tea

In-shell Pistachios + Crisp Veggies + Greek Yogurt Dipping Sauce + Strawberry Infused Water

In-shell Pistachios + Kale Chips + Sriracha Popcorn + Sparkling Lemonade