Pistachios in the News!


Notice some changes on our site? Have no fear. You’re at the right place for all things pistachio health, but we have a new name: Pistachio Health Institute.

Pistachio Health Institute gives you access to all the great information from our original websites at Pistachio Health and Pistachio Health Science. Our new website is still your leading online source of information on the health and nutrition benefits of pistachios for both consumers and health professionals. We are keeping the same sleek look, and you can count on us to continue promoting practical, evidence-based pistachio health information you can use.

So what’s new? It’s now even easier to access pistachio health news, and stay up to date with us on social media.

The home page will have three tabs:
1. For the People
2. For the Pros
3. Research

The home page will also feature the latest from our blog, Facebook, and Twitter, while continuing to offer all the news and information about pistachios you’ve come to expect from us in a fun and user-friendly way.

Want to read up on the latest pistachio trends and developments? Check out the “Health Nut Blog” and our “Media Room” that showcases media coverage and pistachio fact sheets. Have some nutrition questions about pistachios? Ask our dietitian and click on “Ask the Expert.”

Are you a health professional looking for research studies, tip sheets or recipes? Click on the tab “For the Pros” or “Research” for all the latest information on pistachio science. And while you’re there, stay up to date on pistachios and sign up for our quarterly e-zine “Go Pistachio! Nutrition News.”

What do you enjoy most about our new website?