Keep your Parties Crackin’ this May with Pistachio Entertaining Tips

FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

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The month of May is bustling with gatherings and get-togethers. From Cinco de Mayo fiestas and Mother’s Day brunches to Memorial Day weekend and graduation parties – there will be something to celebrate almost every week. To ensure you get the most of your May festivities, we’ve rounded up some pistachio entertaining tips to keep any party crackin’.

Go Nuts on Cinco de Mayo – May 5th, better known as Cinco de Mayo, is a celebration of Mexican heritage filled with parties, food, cerveza and of course, tequila. Pair your shot with a side of pistachios and lime. The salted pistachios make an excellent alternative to the usual dash of salt! Fun fact: One of the most popular sayings in Mexico is “Quiere el pistache pelado y en la boca,” which literally means “He wants his pistachios shelled and in the mouth,” but is understood as wanting everything the easy way.

Mother’s Day Snacking Done Right – Help mom indulge the healthy way with a nutritious, sweet and salty pistachio pairing that could be served as a snack, an appetizer or as an elegant way to end a Sunday brunch. It’s as easy as combining in-shell pistachios + dark chocolate + strawberries + raspberries + sparkling wine in a beautiful arrangement. Mom will love this indulgent, healthy treat that will satisfy both her salty and sweet cravings without sacrificing nutritional value.

Ready, Set, Crack!: Whatever your graduation party or Memorial Day menus may entail, kick off the summer right with a smart (and delicious!) snack filled with nutritional value. Instead of serving high-calorie, lower nutritional snacks like pretzels or chips, consider serving a bowl of pistachios as an alternative salty treat. 30 pistachios make a satisfying, deliciously healthy snack for about 100 calories. Plus, pistachios contain plant protein, unsaturated fat and dietary fiber, all three of which make for a balanced snack that keeps you full longer than a snack like pretzels or chips.1

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