Make the Grade with These 5 Back-to-School Tips


Summer is winding down and pretty soon it will be time to kick off another school year. Every parent wants their kid to be happy, healthy and energized for the new school year and often times this means packing the right foods. This can be a daunting task—how do you know your kids won’t trade their apple for a piece of candy? Will their lunch end up in the trash because they don’t like their green vegetables?

Why not opt for good nutrition and great taste by packing pistachios? If you pick pistachios over common lunchbox standbys, like potato chips, for the same number of calories, you’ll be getting three times the fiber, protein and number of pieces per serving. Talk about extra credit! Read on for our top five ways to beat the lunch box blues.

  1. Make it easy. Plan ahead and meal prep meals and snacks for the week. Measure one half cup of in-shell pistachios for snack-sized snack baggies. Cut up fruits and veggies and divide into clear glass containers. Or select pre-packaged versions of your favorite healthy options like cheese sticks, pistachios, tuna, or whole grain crackers. This way, you can simply grab what you need in the morning and go.
  2. Make it simple. You don’t need a complicated recipe to make great-tasting food! Pairing simple flavors can make for a delicious combination. Here are a few of our favorite:

    Sweet + Salty: Roasted salted pistachios and kettle corn
    Sweet + Spicy: Sweet chili pistachios and dried mango
    Creamy + Crunchy: Roasted salted pistachios, apple slices and soft cheese
    Savory + Spicy: Salt and pepper pistachios, wasabi peas and sesame crackers

  1. Make it matter. No matter if you’re headed to the classroom or soccer practice, the last thing you want is a growling stomach. Choose foods that offer a combination of protein, fiber and good fats to help keep you fuller longer. Did you know pistachios are a good source of both fiber and protein? And 90% of the fats are the good mono- and polyunsaturated kind!
  2. Make it together. If you’re packing lunches or making after school snacks for your kids, getting them involved is a surefire way to get them interested in good nutrition. Kids can help wash fruits and vegetables, count out a serving of pistachios or spread hummus on a sandwich.
  3. Make it fun. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Parents can cut semi-soft cheeses using a cookie cutter for fun shapes, or use a small skewer to create fruit and/or veggie kabobs. Pack in-shell pistachios so kids can crack them open during lunch or snack time.