On-the-Go Smart Snacks

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014


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Whether you’re busy chauffeuring kids across town or flying to exciting new destinations, it’s important to keep healthy snacks on your roadmap. Stay on track this summer by stashing nutrient-dense pistachios in your purse, car, gym bag and beyond. And here’s some good news that the world traveler in you will love: A recent Harvard University study suggests a daily handful of pistachios may have a role in health and longevity.¹

When you’re not able to plan ahead, remember to choose the best-possible offerings from convenience stores. Here’s our guide to beating cravings, one bite at a time:

When you’re craving spicy

  • Choose ½ cup of pistachios that come in fun flavors, like Sweet Chili, over a bag of nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips.

When you’re craving chocolaty

  • Choose a 70% dark chocolate bar over a king-size candy bar.

When you’re craving crunchy

  • Choose ½ cup of pistachios over a bag of pretzels. The winning combination of protein and fat in pistachios may make them more filling than a carb-filled snack like pretzels, making them a great snack to keep you satisfied between meals. 2

When you’re craving creamy

  • Choose ½ cup of low-fat frozen yogurt over ½ cup of ice cream.

When you’re craving sugary

  • Choose 1 cup of strawberries over 4 pieces of strawberry twists candy.


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