Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket


This July, you may be headed to watch the fireworks, cheer on your favorite sports team or rock out at an outdoor concert. Don’t leave home empty-handed—crush your cravings and pack a perfect picnic featuring pistachios!

The word “picnic” is derived from “pique nique”, a French word used to describe an outdoor meal. It is believed the earliest picnics happened in the Middle Ages when members of the upper class would dine outdoors during a hunt. The word evolved and by the early 1800s, “picnic” was used only in the sense of a social meal eaten outdoors.

When you’re packing a picnic, you’ll want to remember the essentials: a blanket to sit on, refreshing beverages, and of course something to nosh on! Pistachios are a fun and convenient choice—a natural and savory treat that tastes good and is good for you, too!  With 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, pistachios are a satisfying no-brainer. Plus they pair well with a variety of finger-friendly foods! Use our Pistachio Picnic Planner to create your perfect basket.

Craving Something Indulgent?

TRY: In-Shell Pistachios with blue and mozzarella cheeses, dried apricots, dates, and sparkling Moscato

Sweetened with dried apricots, dates and sparkling Moscato, this pairing is balanced by the salty and savory flavors of the cheeses and pistachios.

Craving Something Creamy and Crisp?


TRY: In-Shell Pistachios with smoked salmon, goat cheese, cucumber, thumbprint cookies and Sauvignon Blanc

Create bite sized smoked salmon stacks by smearing herbed goat cheese on sliced cucumbers and topping with smoked salmon. Enjoy with salty in-shell pistachios and jammy thumbprint cookies for a well-rounded treat.

Craving Something Sweet and Spicy?

TRY: In-shell pistachios with orange-ginger marmalade, Anjou pears, grilled halloumi cheese and Chardonnay

This is an adventurous crave-worthy creation the whole family can enjoy. The orange-ginger marmalade is rich and spicy, adding a layer of sweetness to the combination.

Craving Something Savory and Salty?

TRY: In-shell pistachios with olive, feta and tomato and red sangria

The vibrant color of tomatoes and olives combined with the crunchy green pistachios makes for a salty and savory Mediterranean-inspired pairing.