Pistachios in the News!


When it comes to entertaining for this season’s holiday parties, today’s health enthusiast has a lot to consider. From what to serve to which drink to pair – and how to impress the guests once they arrive – the host with the most needs to offer a dish that is delicious, healthy and altogether memorable.

To help with the planning, we’ve cracked the code on the tastiest, simplest, yet most unforgettable pistachio pairings. From sweet to spicy to salty and everything in between, these pistachio pairings are guaranteed to lift your spirits, excite your guests’ taste buds and elevate any party into something everyone will be buzzing about.

Dark Chocolate

Sinfully Delicious and Slightly Addicting:

  • Pistachios + Dark Chocolate with Fleur de sel + Fresh Raspberries: This salty, sweet and tangy trio will tantalize your taste buds and leave your guests enthralled and hungry for more. The dark chocolate with Fleur de sel heightens flavors and balances taste. Serve with a chilled glass of vanilla almond milk or vanilla vodka martini. Cheers!


Dare to Pair:

  • Pistachios + Asian Sesame Sticks + Wasabi Peas: Combine the spice of wasabi with the salt of pistachios and a dash of Asian flair and you get a trinity of contrasting flavors. If you’re looking to spice up your menu and serve something with an internationally flavored twist, dare to pair this combination with green tea or an ice cold Japanese beer.


Sweet, Salty and Sultry:

  • Pistachios + Gala Apple Wedges drizzled with Lavender Honey + Aged Gouda: Complement pistachio’s saltiness with the caramel-like quality of aged gouda and the Gala apple’s crisp juiciness. Engage your taste buds into sensual pleasures with a drizzle of lavender honey. Top off with ginger beer or natural ginger ale for an irresistible mixture and unforgettable taste.

Which of these pairings are you going to try this holiday season? Have a pistachio pairing of your own to share? Let us know.