Pistachios 101: Why Are They So Nutritious?

MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015

Pistachios 101

Nuts are one of the most healthful snacks you can choose from and pistachios weren’t proclaimed “Nut of the Year” in 2015 without good reason!1 Just in time for National Nutrition Month and St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sharing three bite-sized facts about this humble green nut. Tell us your favorite fact on the Pistachio Health Institute Facebook page and you could be one of 10 winners of FREE bag of pistachios!

Pistachio Weight Management

1. Pistachios offer the most nuts per serving.  With about 49 kernels per one-ounce serving–when compared to other popular snack nuts. For the same serving size, you’d get about 28 peanuts, 18 cashews, or 14 walnut halves.2

Kid snacking on pistachios

2. Pistachios are a smart snack. A one-ounce serving of pistachios has about 160 calories and offers an excellent source of vitamin B6, copper and manganese and a good source of protein, dietary fiber, thiamin, and phosphorus. In addition, pistachios are low in saturated fat and naturally trans fat-free and cholesterol-free.2

Pistachio Principle visual cues

3. Pistachios may help you eat mindfully. The time it takes to remove a pistachio shell may help you slow down, and the visual cue of the left over shells may help you eat more mindfully. This concept is known as the “Pistachio Principle,” and it potentially helps control portions, thereby reducing calorie intake.3,4

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