Pistachios in the News!


Pistachios in the News 10.9

Our favorite nut has been making major headlines recently! Catch up on the latest pistachio coverage now.

Oprah.com Oprah.com dispelled common dieting myths, one of which was “nuts are basically little fat pills.” They explained that the fat in nuts is an essential nutrient which may help to satisfy cravings. The article also mentioned that pistachios may prevent overeating, as the shells may serve as visual cues to signal us to stop snacking. Read more at Oprah.com.

SELF.com – Between school, sports, and hanging out with friends, it may feel like there’s no time to focus on healthy snacking. SELF.com recommended snacking on pistachios for those who are always on-the-go and looking for snacks under 150 calories. A small handful 30 pistachios is around 100 calories and eating them in-shell may help you not overdo it and feel satisfied. Read more at SELF.com.

ReadersDigest.com – Are you in need of post-workout snack ideas? Reader’s Digest suggested “nibbling on nuts for a healthy dose of protein and good-for-you fats.” Pistachios are a great portable snack to bring to the gym because they have potassium – an electrolyte you lose through sweat. Read more at ReadersDigest.com.