Pistachios in the News!



Our favorite nut has been making major headlines recently! Catch up on the latest pistachio coverage now.

MensFitness.com – Waking up early in the morning to workout can be a struggle, but waking up in time to get something in your stomach can be even more difficult. In the article “Best Pre-Workout Snacks for Morning Workouts,” it’s mentioned that getting the right combination of carbohydrates and proteins is crucial before a morning workout. One pre-workout breakfast that is mentioned includes an apple, 1/2 oz. of pistachios (has protein and fiber) and low-fat string cheese, for  a long-lasting source of energy. Read more at MensFitness.com.

Redbook.com – There is such a thing as guilt-free snacks that you can eat late at night and that may help keep you slim. In the article “4 Late-Night Snacks that Keep You Slim,” it recommends four healthy snacks to curve your late night cravings. One of the suggestions is everyone’s favorite green nut. Pistachios make a great late-night snack option because about 30 nuts is around 100 calories and they have less salt than a lot of those salty snack foods that you may have in your pantry. Read more at Redbook.com.

NEJM.org – Exciting research from Harvard University came out last month about pistachios! Compared to people who didn’t eat nuts, people who ate nuts, such as pistachios, saw benefits that increased along with the number of servings of nuts they ate. That is, people who ate nuts once a week saw a smaller, but still significant benefit, while those who ate nuts seven or more times per week had a nearly doubled benefit. The study is the largest of its kind to date, and appears in the November 21 issue of New England Journal of Medicine. Check out the videoand learn more at NEJM.org.