Pistachios in the News!



Our favorite nut has been making major headlines recently! Catch up on the latest pistachio coverage now.

Prevention.com – Prevention.com offered up some tasty calorie-cutting food swaps that may help you slim down without going hungry. Instead of snacking on ½ cup of M&M’s, grab ½ cup of in-shell pistachios and save 90 calories! Check out some other smart swaps at Prevention.com.

Fitness.com – In an article from Fitness.com, they dispel a few myths about “Healthy (and Not-So-Healthy) Foods That Fool,” including nuts. In two very preliminary studies from Eastern Illinois University, researchers found that in-shell nuts, such as pistachios, may provide a visual cue of how many pistachios you’ve eaten when you leave the shells in-sight instead of discarding them immediately. In one study, participants who left the pistachio shells in-sight reduced their calorie consumption by 18 percent. Read more at Fitness.com.

HuffingtonPost.com – Pistachios were included in an article on HuffingtonPost.com titled “5 Foods You’re Eating the Wrong Way.” The article mentions that pistachios may prevent overeating, as empty shells may serve as a visual cue to remind people how many pistachios they’ve eaten, and also provides a quick trick to getting those stubborn pistachios open. Read more at HuffingtonPost.com.