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Our favorite nut has been making major headlines recently! Catch up on the latest pistachio coverage now.

Health magazine – Pistachios steal the show in the September issue’s “Break Open This Diet Secret” article. “Choosing foods that come in a shell or wrapper (think shellfish, nuts, or even Hershey’s Kisses) may help you eat less, “ says the magazine. Although causation has not yet been proven,“folks who snacked on pistachios that came in the shell ate 41 percent fewer calories than those who ate shelled nuts, and they felt just as satisfied, a preliminary study in Appetite found. […] Seeing a pile of shells or wrappers may give you a visual cue that ‘maybe I’ve had enough.’” We couldn’t agree more!

Runner’s World magazine – Look for pistachios on registered dietitian Matthew Kadey’s “Grocery Run” list, as featured in the October issue. In-shell pistachios are “high in protein, fiber and vitamin B6. A 2011 study in the journal Appetite may suggest that you’ll eat fewer if you shell them,” cites Kadey. Read more at Runner’s – Read the article “23 Power Foods to Eat More, More, More Of” and make sure these foods are on your next grocery list—including nuts such as pistachios! For a satisfying snack, count out an ounce of pistachios (about 49 kernels and 160 calories) and savor them slowly. Read the full list here.

Of note, we couldn’t be more pleased to see the Pistachio Principle getting love in Health and Runner’s World magazines. Causation has not yet been proven, however the two research studies behind the Pistachio Principle provide preliminary information about consumption of in-shell pistachios as an effective tool in weight management. Visit our website for more info on the studies and stay tuned for more research!