Pistachios in the News!


Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics hosts the largest gathering of nutrition professionals in the United States at a premier four-day conference called the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. This year, Pistachio Health Institute (PHI) flew to Houston to attend the gathering where the PHI team joined 6,000 nutrition professionals and 350 exhibitors in food, nutrition and health.


PHI held an exclusive cocktail reception for top media dietitians and supermarket dietitians from major retail vendors such as Safeway, Meijer, and Weis. Many of the food pros went quite nuts over our top-selling nuts as they snacked on creative pistachio appetizers. They were excited to share a tutorial on the new one-stop shop in cyberspace for such information, PistachioHealthInstitute.org.

They also met the institute’s newly minted nutty mascot, “Shelly the Pistachio,” who was a popular photo bomber throughout the evening. Shelly the Pistachio’s mission is to help spread the gospel that she’s one of the lowest-calorie, lowest-fat nuts on the market, with a single-serving size that gives you 49 kernels – more than any other snack nut.