The Summer of the Pistachios


As the temperature rises this summer and your social schedule fills up with beach trips or BBQs with friends, it’s important to have healthy snacks on hand. Eat right and avoid overindulging no matter where your summer adventures take you. What’s our little secret to weight-wise snacking during those long summer days? Pistachios, of course!


Pistachios are one of the lowest calorie, lowest fat snack nuts and offer 49 nuts per one-ounce serving compared to 15 potato chips (let’s be honest – does anyone stop at just 15 chips?).[1] Sure, potato chips may taste good for a moment, but they’re gone all too fast and before you know it you’ve scarfed down a lot of calories without much nutrition. Instead, satisfy cravings for a savory, crunchy and crave-able snack with pistachios.


In-shell pistachios make a great non-perishable and portable salty snack for swimsuit season with the added benefit of built-in portion control. Preliminary behavioral studies suggest that munching on in-shell pistachios may offer a visual cue about portions, which may help encourage snackers to eat less. We call this the Pistachio Principle.[2],[3]


Make smart snacking a no-brainer this summer and fuel up with all the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in the pistachios. Tell us why pistachios top your summer snack list on the Pistachio Health Institute Facebook page and you could be one of 10 winners of a FREE bag of pistachios!


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